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​Civil litigation is the formal process for resolving the controversies that arise between private parties, and whether you are prosecuting a civil suit or defending against one, you need effective legal counsel to protect your interests. Typically, a civil suit is resolved through an award of monetary damages; however, in certain circumstances resolution may be achieved through non-monetary awards, such as injunctions (in which a party is ordered by the court to do or not do something).

Civil litigation generally proceeds through a series of stages, and our attorneys assist clients through the early stages of civil disputes until final resolution of the matter has been achieved. Frequently initial efforts include an attempt to reach an amicable solution without the necessity of formal proceedings; however, in situations where those attempts fail litigation becomes necessary. Litigation begins formally when the aggrieved party (the Plaintiff) files a Complaint, which the party against whom the allegations are made (the Defendant) must respond to by filing an Answer.

After the initial filings have been made the parties will frequently begin the discovery process, which involves interrogatories, requests for production, and depositions. Also, during this phase the parties may file various motions, such as a Motion for Summary Judgment. Following this phase, the parties may either agree to a settlement or may have a trial on the matter. And, while this typically ends the matter, the trial court’s judgment may be appealed in certain instances.

If you have been damaged, either financially or physically, as a result of another person’s wrongdoing or if you yourself have been accused by another of wrongdoing, we can help. Our civil litigation attorneys have years of experience in both prosecuting and defending against civil matters and have provided representation in cases involving issues such as breach of contract, landlord-tenant disputes, credit card debt, negligence, failure to pay upon account, and business disputes, among many other types of controversies. But various time constraints are placed on both the aggrieved party and the party accused of causing harm, and, as a result, it is important that you act quickly to obtain legal counsel with respect to your civil case, whether you or prosecuting or defending against suit.

If you are searching for experienced, client focused, and timely civil representation, we hope that you will contact our offices. We can help you and we look forward to serving all of your legal needs.

Civil litigation

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