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Guardianships & adoptions

Sometimes as a result of either advanced age or injury a person becomes incapable of properly caring for him or herself and/or managing his or her affairs. When this happens someone else (typically a family member) must step in to provide assistance or else the incapacitated person may have to be institutionalized. And, unless the incapacitated person has a validly executed power of attorney, a guardianship will need to be established through the Court to enable the caregiver to handle assets and make decisions for the incapacitated person. Similarly, when a child’s natural parents become incapable of providing care, a guardianship may be necessary; however, dependent upon the circumstances, an adoption proceeding may be more appropriate when a child is involved.

Adoption is the legal process through which a child’s natural parents are replaced by adoptive parents. This process results in a complete severing of rights and responsibilities between the child and the natural parents and instead transfers those rights and responsibilities to the adoptive parents.

If you have a loved one who is incapable of caring for him or herself and you are willing to provide the necessary assistance, then you need an attorney who is compassionate and who understands the complexities of guardianship and adoption law. Our attorney, Tammy M. Keirn, has years of experience with guardianships and adoptions, and has worked with dozens of families throughout her career to find solutions to difficult family situations.

If you are searching for experienced, client focused, and timely representation with respect to a guardianship or adoption, we hope that you will contact our offices. We can help you and we look forward to serving all of your legal needs.